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Detroit River - Walleye

Come join me in the spring for the world-famous Detroit River Walleye Run! Hop on at the marina and let me safely navigate you through thousands of boats and millions of walleye that are spread out throughout the river that are here from Lake Erie to spawn. These trips generally bring in big numbers of fish


St. Clair River - Lake Sturgeon

Come along with me as we drive off into the stunning St. Clair River in quest of Michigan's largest and most elusive dinosaur fish The Lake Sturgeon, which is swimming beneath the surface of the great lakes and connecting waterways. A laid back relaxing trip suddenly turns into a giant rod bent in half as you hang onto what is probably the biggest fish of your life!! Sturgeon are known for going airborne and are absolute tanks while fighting them. You'll never forget this fishing experience!!


What to Bring?

Here is a few things you should bring with you

Fishing License

Lunch and Drinks

Appropriate Clothing

Cooler for your Catch

Sun Screen

Things not to Bring

These items are not allowed on your charter. If any of these items are found to be brought on-board, we will end your charter.




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